2011 - 2021


2011 Plymouth Valiant 1965 arrived to our garage 

In the seasons 2011, 2012, 2013 we competed in the street car classes in both the Finnish Championships and the street competitions

In the winter of 2013 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S, 1967 arrived to our garage

For the 2014 season, we built the car completely from start to finish.


In 2014 we swapped to 600 cid 9.8L BB, 1100hp and raced for a few races

Building Barracuda continued in the winter of 2014

We swap the familiar 600 cid BB to Barracuda and we taped the car to Miami Vice mint green


In the 2015 season, Toni participated in the FHRA Finnish Championship season with Barracuda

2016 Barracuda moved to Rasmus and Rasmus drove the license for himself at the age of 16. The motor was a Mopar 340 cid small block (400hp) and a 904 - 3-speed semi-automatic transmission

In late 2016, we went to get the old racer under the spruce and we built the whole car from start to finish again.

The motor was the same familiar 600 cid 9.8L 1100 hp and PG-2Speed

In the 2017 season, we drove the first season with two cars.

Rasmus - Plymout Barracuda PET1591

Toni - Plymouth Valiant PS591

In 2017, Rasmus won his first race and won the Finnish Champion 3 title.

There was enough to do with Valiant all year round.


At the beginning of the 2018 season, there were a lot of problems in finding the right setup for the car

2018 Adjustments were found for the Valiant and it went 8.5s

In the 2019 season, the name Valvoline-Barracuda came to everyone's ears!

The new motor and transmission was swapped in. Chevy 468 BB, n.650hp and PG 2speed

The 2019 winter season went around exhibitions and events

The American Rambler arrived to the garage and it was built as a street racer!

Toni went with Rambler to drive in the street race events and Nitro Nationals 2019

The season was very difficult at first, with transmission turbine problems

In the spring of 2019, Iiro's new Hayabusa was picked up


The 2020 Valvoline-Barracuda got an appearance update and it was taped in Valvoline colors!

2020 Iiro completed the outside of his bike and began to build the engine

The season started due to the covid at the July, LSK Business Park Open

The first Finnish Championship in the 2020 season was extended to August due to the covid.

Rasmus and Valvoline Barracuda won the race!

We installed a nitrous oxide system on a Rambler and Iiro participated in the Panox Wildest Ones competition

Between races we also went to Malmi event with Valvoline-Barracuda

Win in the finals! This confirmed the Finnish Championship 2020

The excitement remained for the next two weeks in the lead of the EDRS series before the race in Sweden was over and we also secured the EDRS championship.


In the winter of 2020, Plymouth 34 arrived to our garage

Winter and spring went by when the car was built

Iiro´s Hayabusa got the color as well as the motor update

Vamos Low Brow Plymouth was completed and Toni got to test it at Motopark

Iiro´s Nitrous Hayabusa got his final coloring and immediately drove new records!

Rasmus and Valvoline-Barracuda have performed steadily, 1st place and second place in the qualification

The final race of the season was in Kauhava, which was interrupted due to rain

Iiro got to run one qualification on Saturday, which would have been on the 8 second side if the grip would not have come off

Season ranking was SM7

Rasmus drove two test runs on Friday and the Valvoline-Barracuda worked well. On Saturday, he was able to drive one qualification run, where the grip came off but fortunately did not hit the wall.

Season ranking was SM5

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